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Perfume Review - The in-depth information directory about perfume keeps you informed.
Perfume Review - The in-depth information directory about perfume keeps you informed.

Perfume Old Recipe

Making Perfume Using An Old Recipe

Some people prefer the cooking of one person over the other. This could happen because there is a secret ingredient that no one knows about making the individual prefer this no matter how hard other people have tried to surpass it.

The same thing can be said about perfumes. There are some brands that are considered to be the best and no one come close to the scent it gives to the person.

Unfortunately, some of these perfumes are really expensive. People will really have to save up to get it or try to find something similar and be contented with it. The other alternative will be make one at home that is just right for one's body chemistry.

A good example of this is called Whispering Rain. All the person has to do is buy the ingredients and then make it happen.

The individual will need sandalwood to act as the base note, bergamot to act as the middle and cassis that will serve as the top note. This can be purchased separately in 10ml bottles from the specialty store and then mixed together in a glass bottle.

A few tablespoons of vodka and a couple of cups of distilled water should also be added to the concentration. This should be sealed with a tight lid and left to settle for 24 to 48 hours before this can be transferred into a sprayer bottle making it ready for use.

The perfume may last for a month if this is used daily. Before this runs out, it will be a good idea to prepare a new batch so this will just be refilled into the container.

It takes money to make some more. If people at work or in school like it, instead of just revealing the secret ingredients to the perfume, the individual can make a little money by making and selling this at a reasonable price.

The ingredients donít cost that much so it is best to calculate the cost and add a certain percentage for markup. It will also be a good idea to do a comparative to see how much other stores are selling this product something similar.

If the perfumes are not performing that well, it is time to come up with a marketing scheme. Some examples commonly used are a buy one take one or get the second bottle for half the price.

The person can even advertise and sell this on the Internet. It is not that difficult to design a website or by simply offering this in other websites. Some will allow the entrepreneur to do this for free while others will charge a fee for maintenance costs.

Studies show that more people do business via the web because it allows the businessman to make deals not only in the city but in other states and countries should someone want to order a huge bulk.

There are other perfumes that can be made aside from Whispering Rain. It just takes a little effort on the person to do some research and make other fragrances since many of these are posted on the web.

The first perfume may be a flop or a success but those who persevere may soon reap the benefits of all the hard work.

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